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I have a First class honors bachelor degree in computer science.

After college I worked for IBM for 13 months as a software developer for the XPages ExtLib project. My first task being a rewrite of the discussion / teamroom templates as demos of the new features of the ExtLib and then moving on to the core building java based controls. While there I also had an opportunity to contribute to a book: http://www.amazon.com/XPages-Extension-Library-Step-Step/dp/0132901811.

Now I am working for a startup company called CleverCall ( www.clevercall.ie ). We are making a system that will allow you to answer your landline telephone on your smartphone and make calls from your smartphone on your landline. Least cost routing will make sure the call is always made the cheapest possible way and the system will also help avoid expensive roaming charges.

I'm in charge of everything mobile at the minute, building a native objective-c iphone app and soon a native Android app