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I am a Programmer Analyst working for Qualcomm, Inc., in San Diego, and have been with them for over 4 years now. I work in a variety of languages and platforms. Presently I am working on a large application using the Sencha.com EXTJS (v3 + v4) framework and JQuery in the client, with PHP 5.4 scripting on my Apache server. My data sources are Oracle 10g, 11g and MySQL 5.4. I connect to Oracle through PHP using OCI8, and I connect to MySQL through MySQLnd. Lately, I have also been working in Java, Perl, Python, Django, and PL/SQL. What I think I love most about me and what I do is that I can be creative and resourceful, and do something 'worth-while' for my company and our global efforts. I am overjoyed at working for such a wonderful company where I am allowed to be creative and work towards the better good!

I have so much fun working in java Script and PHP since the "re-birth" of AJAX and the new ways in which clients and servers communicate, and sites like this are a great resource.