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After growing up and finishing high school in Germany, I studied Bioengineering at Binghamton University, NY.

The program had a large focus on the computational simulation of complex biological system. I got into programming through projects involving the simulation of biological systems. Examples include modeling aspects of population ecology, constructing probabilistic neural networks to aid cancer diagnosis, and using geometric algorithms (Delaunay, Voronoi) to detect patterns in 3D cell movement.

Despite the focus on computational simulation, I have not gone through a formal computer science education and instead began to learn coding on my own.

I have further had the opportunity to work on a Java project for the visualization and analysis of DNA microarray data and implemented hierarchical and k-means clustering algorithms.

My interests now lie in bioinformatics, specifically neuro-informatics and disease informatics. I hope to join a fitting graduate program in the near future. Until then, I primarily use Stack Overflow to learn about coding to help me with aforementioned goals.

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