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comment Data type of the value stored In string
"32" doesn't contain any hint about its assumed datatype. It could be a byte, a short, an int, a long. You could even convert to a floating point value if you want
comment How to Load Image to PictureBox; based on the image Location stored in the DataBase
When reading image location from a database table I suggest to store only a relative path where the image can be found. The missing part of the path should come from a configuration file that can be easily changed if the need arises.
comment Partial connection to SQL Server 2014 Express
Initial Catalog=WEBAPP.MDF ? Here you should have the logical database name, not the name of the MDF file
comment C# application with database works fine but after deploy doesn't work
Looking at your previous question I noticed that your catch doens't show anything about the exception. You should change that code and print also the value of the Exception.Message field. With that info is more easier to diagnose your problem.
comment Update SQL Table via DataGridView in VB.net
I don't know what is this Query class instance that you are using. But I suppose that this class needs to know about the connection to use for running the command text. What is the Query class? How do you pass the connection to one of its instances?
comment Conversion Overflow Error in C#
The max value for an integer is 2147483647 so, when you pass the value "9999999999" to your database engine you receive correctly the error message. You should limit your value to the maximum allowed for an integer. However I am curious to see the code that tries to write that value to your datatable.
comment Linq query syntax difference using SingleorDefault
When it comes to performance this is a must-read Which is faster?
comment Why does not this Visual basic code produce any results?
All those On Error Resume Next seems there just to hide errors. And please set OPTION STRICT ON and you discover a lot of errors in your code when converting long to integers
comment try/catch block not catching an exception
During a Form.Load event on a 64bit machine.
comment C# insert in table doesn't work but select works perfect
As I have said in my comments above the ExecuteReader and ExecuteNonQuery both execute the command. The problem, in my thinking, lies in the DataDirectory and in which database the record has been inserted.
comment Cannot update Access database via VB 2010
Did you know that the Exception object has a Message field that tells you exactly what is going wrong? If you catch the Exception and print that field probably you could have a better understanding of the reasons of the failure instead of a generic "FAIL" message like now. Please tell us the Exception.Message text
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comment C# insert in table doesn't work but select works perfect
I think that, while the correct method to call is ExecuteNonQuery, also the ExecuteReader executes the command that is passed. The difference is in the infrastructure build by the methods before and after the execution. The problem is the usual "I don't know what my tools are doing" I.E. DataDirectory - Copy To Destination Directory
comment C# insert in table doesn't work but select works perfect
Let me know if this is your case: stackoverflow.com/questions/17147249/…
comment C# Mysql connection problems - connection attempt failed
And you could connect to MySql on the remote server via Workbench using that port?
comment Can't expand nodes in TreeView (WinForms)
Andrew, seeking help for a "why isn't this code working?" should include the shortest code necessary to reproduce it in the question itself. (It is one of the closing reasons list). I sympathize with you but without seeing the code that fill the treeview and the code that tries to expand, it is a bit difficult to help.
comment Can't expand nodes in TreeView (WinForms)
Not showing your code.....
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