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My name is Martin Rohwedder, and i am currently doing a study in computer science at the zealand academy in Denmark. I work in the languages Java, C# and PHP, where Java is my main focus atm. I am also doing some training in the language ASP.NET with C# attached to it.

I like to work in Java, and especially Desktop programming is my main focus atm. I am also working a little with java on the web, with JSF (Java Server Faces), though i am not that excited of JSF, as I think you can do much of the same with ASP.NET and C#. I am also working with developing android applications, which I think is very exciting and interesting.

In the future I am hoping to get a job as a java or dot NET developer, developing all different kind of systems. Though I think mobile applications will be the future, and therefore I would like to work as a mobile applications developer (Both Android or Windows Phone). I have thought of working on learning Objective-C, so I can make native apps for all the big mobile OS platforms, like android, iphone, and windows phone.

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