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answered Parse and TryParse
comment What is the right way to enforce predefined log records ordering in multithreaded application?
Your existing solution makes sense to me. Alternatively, use a queue.
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comment Named Mutex with await
True, but the captured context might well mean "any thread-pool thread at all". Given the information that I have I think all 3 proposed solutions would work for you. Let me know if you require additional information.
comment When does undefined behavior strike in C++?
If taken literally, that is the death sentence for all real programs in existence.
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asked When does undefined behavior strike in C++?
answered Named Mutex with await
comment SQL Server Architecture on Production Environment
I did not get that statement. Is the problem already fixed? Indeed, you are probably not exhausting CPU but you might exhausts the disks. A separate database is almost always not the right solution because it causes more trouble than necessary.
comment SQL Server Architecture on Production Environment
A different database is not going to save you. You are exhausting the resources the server has. Either disk or CPU. It could be a blocking issue as well. You should diagnose it and fix it rather than going nuclear with a 2nd database. Look into snapshot isolation.
comment Why is HashSet<T> attributed with MayLeakOnAbort, but Dictionary<K,V> not?
Still, why can it leak memory?
comment What is causing this “possible loss of precision” error?
Whether the compiler applies an optimization or not has nothing to do with what the language spec says. Looking at IL is never required to understand language behavior. Only the last part of this answer is relevant.
comment Entity Framework Dead Lock Victim on Read Only Statements
Reads under a snapshot model don't block. Writes can block. But writes will not block reads. You could delete an entire table of 1 billion rows and readers would not notice and still see the old data.
comment Best way to communicate between C# server and C client
I don't see why this is opinion-based. I could give a few alternative solutions with objective pro's and con's.
answered SQL Server Database Autogrowth 1mb to 1gb and Defragmentation
comment Async issue when changed method to use collection
Pause the debugger to see what's on the stack. Were does execution halt? Probably some blocking code in GetResult.
comment Is my method really async?
It does wait. That's the point of await. It pauses the method until the given task has completed. Use the debugger to inspect the list at runtime. Find out why it is not filled correctly.
answered Is my method really async?
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comment Is there anything wrong with await Task.Run(() => semaphore.WaitOne())?
What kind of app is this? Phone? ASP.NET?