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I am a Software Design Engineer for John Deere. I enjoy Windows Phone programming in my spare time. I like to try different things should the opportunity arise and meeting new people and learning about their interests.

comment Define Instance of Template class
Sorry for the confusion, I want to achieve your second scenario. If i create x and y instantiated as CDetectError<unsigned char> I want Error() to return 0xFE for all cases of unsigned char
comment Define Instance of Template class
I am still not sure i see where you are heading. How do i 'just introduce' a static member?
comment Define Instance of Template class
In what way are you describing?
comment Adding project to solution through command line
I think i am confused on something. The project file is an XML file. I get that. The solution file is not. So how does calling MSbuild on a project add it to the solution?
comment Upload Description with inline CSS in Rally .NET SDK
That seemed to do it. I was using the 1.0.7 version so it was obviously out of date. Once I updated my Create function to contain the Workspace string everything worked. Thank you.
comment How to parse Json link Windows Phone 8
Yes I got it. sorry for the delay. Where did your error occur? Which line? Like I mentioned earlier maybe post your code here so others can see? I am not a Json expert so i am not really sure what is causing the error. Sorry.
comment How to parse Json link Windows Phone 8
Can you post an example of what you are trying to parse? I am confused as to what you mean by "from weblink". I am not an expert at JSON but i think there is some confusion as to what you are trying to accomplish.
comment Display Unicode character in MFC Static Text
Thanks. I totally overlooked the fact i listed the HTML escape sequence. My project isn't unicode and i don't know if I will be able to make it unicode yet as my project is an add in to an already existing MFC project. Thank you for the correction and answer.
comment Deserialize LiveSDK calendar with JSon.Net
Hey Thanks very much. I swore i had tried that and it didn't work, but all is well now.