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comment Cannot register AX module
The .ax is provided by the hardware vendor and worked under different machines and Win versions. I did not build anything. Therefore I am not able to debug/analyze the code. I expected to find any concrete error message or log-file, but I guess I am out of luck. Thanks anyway.
comment Cannot register AX module
With my understanding I need the first one and being in the \System32 directory and using above command should take the right one. I also tried with entering the complete path for both regsvr32. They both fail with the same error.
comment how to insert multiple checkboxes values into database in laravel 4
Please format your HTML/Blade code better. Generally you need to either post a mapping: student_id - checkbox_nr or use the correct id in the input. See my answer on a similar question: 28899307
comment Eloquent - where clause on nested table
Try: 1) Build a query for one criteria first: e.g. search only for forum titles 2) Output the Query with ->toSQL() or QueryLog 3) Shouldn't the $q1->orWhereHas be $q1->whereHas?
comment Redirect to named routes without query string
I see where you are coming from. But with that method i guess it is essential to manually specify the {login} variable with Redirect::route('login', ['login'=>'loginInAnyLanguage']);. Therefore I gave an alternative way to define translated routes without the need for that. If you have specific problems with that, i will help gladly. Otherwise maybe you ask the original author of your solution how he would generalte links.
comment Redirect to named routes without query string
I guess thats not possible as Laravel assumes all parameters in the Redirect::route('login', $parameters); call not used in the route are GET parameters. I also cannot see how my route definition is in any way longer than what you did. Maybe make an example with many routes. Additionally it is a lot cleaner if you don't touch translations etc. at all for creating routes.