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My expertise is mainly around the .NET framework technologies using C#: WPF, ASP.NET, WCF, Web and Windows Services, and WinForms. I've done a lot of development, a decent amount of design and architecture based work, and a fair amount of code testing/review. My expertise also extends to a multitude of other technologies: SQL (SQL Server), BI (cube design and implementation), AJAX and various encryption "stuff". I have held positions in different types of industries so my "project" experience is varied. I'm currently the founder and owner of my own software company. I'm a learner and am constantly trying to learn new technologies. My goal is to become more proficient at: WCF and WPF (since they are the equivalent of getting a college degree), ASP.NET MVC, HTML5 and more architecture and pattern-based design.

Non-Microsoft stuff I've dabbled in are: Python, Javascript, Flash/Actionscript, SAS (in a different life), Oracle, MySQL, and various "hacking"/security framework technologies (such as Metasploit and various linux based tools).

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