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I have been doing XML for many years. On my web site I have a lot of articles and tutorials that I've written on XML. Recently I have been immersed in learning Lambda Calculus and Combinators. Fascinating stuff!

comment How to create an XML Schema that allows one or more <a/> followed by an equal number of <b/>?
Why is it that circular complexTypes are permitted, but circular groups are not? You say that XSD does not support context-free languages, so circular groups are not allowed. But don't circular complexTypes result in a context-free language?
comment How do I create Haskell functions that return functions?
Thanks everyone for the excellent responses. I am trying to implement "the enchanted forest" from pages 73-74 of the book "To Mock a Mockingbird". My Haskell is a bit rusty (obviously). BTW, this is not homework, it is purely for my own interests.
comment Haskell Lambda functions — two seemingly equivalent functions, one works and the other is erroneous
Thank you very much for your response. I like your explanation of why p 1 p is an infinite type. However, I am still not clear on why (\x y -> 1) 1 p is okay. After all, p = (\x y -> 1), so that expression is actually p 1 p, which you've explained as infinite.