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I was always interested in programming and did my first steps with Basic. After that I switched to Visual Basic, Delphi and even some Assembler.
As I began my first studies I was introduced in Java and noticed that my former programming knowlege was much too insufficient. As my studies went on I was much more interested in programming as in my major subject, so I broke up studies and began an apprenticeship as a developer, in which I successfully graduated.
Since then I work as a junior JavaEE developer for:

  • Server-side development
    • EJB 2.1 and EJB 3.0
    • WebServices
    • MVC programming with JSF 2.0/Servlets/JPA
    • JavaMail
  • Client-side development
    • GUI with SWT
    • developing WorkflowManagementSystems
    • a bit of Android programming

I also do the whole related stuff but thats not my primary assignment and therfore I have to learn a lot.

[cheesy] like the good programmer I want to become I'm intersted in everything crossing my way and I'm glad that I found Stackoverflow for showing me alternative ways to reach my goal.[/cheesy]

Currently I'm working on my bachelor in software development beside my normal job.

Thats it. Have Fun!

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