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my name is Moreno Pinheiro Cunha, I live in Brazil and I've worked since 2005 as web developer and designer. I started with Python in 2008 developing my final graduation work (Python + Google APP Engine), at 2010 I received my web developer training in Tokyo (GaiaX trainee [1]) and since Sept 2010 I've worked as a Django Web Developer [2]. My last personal project is an open-source (github [3]) django web application called twitnerario (Django + Twitter API = [4]). Actually I'm working as a consultant at Giftovus – start-up [5]. But that background it's just half of the equation.

Being a developer in a world full of technology is certainly a privilege. As a developer I have the opportunity to imagine, create and share my ideas coded as web applications with unimaginable freedom. My goal is work with people who believe in ideas and insights because that is the other half of the equation and how is balanced. After all technical understanding the creativity has to prevail to build successful projects.

[1] http://www.gaiax.co.jp/jp/gaiax/com_info

[2] http://www.morenopc.com/django

[3] https://github.com/morenopc/twitnerario

[4] http://twitnerario.herokuapp.com

[5] http://www.giftovus.com

Keywords: Python, Django, Pinax, JavaScript, jQuery, Google APIs, Twitter API, html, css, Web Development, Usability.

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