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Software Engineer at On-Site.com.

All the code snippets I post on Stack Overflow are licensed under CC0, unless otherwise specified. In short: Free as in free love. Reuse to your heart's content! :-D

(This does not in any way contradict the site policy of licensing everything under CC-Wiki; it simply gives users even more freedom. In particular, you are not obliged to link back to SO when you use my code snippets.)

Unix coder. C++, Perl, JavaScript, Scheme, and (on occasion*) Java and Ruby. Facetious to a fault.

On IRC, I'm cky on freenode. I hang out on #stackoverflow a lot, and I welcome any comments on my posts!

(For pedants reviewing my posts: I'm an expat Kiwi, so I prefer to spell with New Zealand English. If you "Americanise" the spelling in my posts, I will revert your edits.)

† This additional CC0 licence applies to my code snippets on Stack Overflow only. It does not apply to other Stack Exchange sites that my profile might happen to get copied to. In particular, I do not grant this licence to my posts on Code Golf Stack Exchange.

* i.e., in my day job :-P

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