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By profession, I’m a Software Engineer. I revel in being a diverse programmer and have worked with PHP, C, Java, Android, MySQL, SAP ABAP and quite a few others. The world is full of knowledge, and there’s so much more to learn! I’m an open-source enthusiast. I’ve worked on the Bug Squad for the Joomla! project, and am currently involved in development of Sahana Vesuvius for the Sahana Software Foundation. I also work as the Assitant Editor for the Free and Open Source Software User Magazine of Sri Lanka. In my spare time I play rhythm guitar for Dhishti. I also love reading, computer gaming, watching movies, and swimming. To me, life, with all its ups and downs, is worth all the bad times as well as the good, and I would not change a single aspect of my personal history even if given the chance to do so.

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