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Frequently known by the Ult_Combo pseudonym, I'm an ECMAScript enthusiast, full stack web developer and aspiring sysadmin. I also love contributing to open source projects.


  • @Ult_Combo on Twitter – I've recently been using Twitter more frequently. I share mostly web development, programming and technology related stuff there. Do not ask for followbacks. I usually check new followers notifications and follow those whose tweets appeal to my liking.

  • +Fabrício Matté on Google+ – my slightly less technology-focused profile. Feel free to add me, but I will not debug your code for you. If you want to solve a coding problem, prepare a SSCCE (or MCVE), make it relevant to others, and post it here, on Stack Overflow. See How to Ask if you are not familiar with the Stack Overflow architecture.

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Did one of my answers help you? Upvote it! Also, if you are the asker, make sure to accept the answer which you consider the most useful.

Did I close one of your questions? In that case, make sure that you understand the reason why your question was closed and fix it up, then feel free to @ me in case you strongly believe that your question deserves reopening and I'll add a reopen vote after reviewing it.

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