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Jeffry Houser is a technical entrepreneur that likes to share cool stuff with other people.

Here are a few of his projects:

  • Life After Flex: A training course to teach Flex Developers about AngularJS and other HTML5 technologies
  • Flextras: A set of user interface Flex Components, including a Calendar, an AutoComplete, and an expanding set of mobile components.
  • The Flex Show: A podcast that includes expert interviews and screencast tutorials.
  • JeffryHouser.com: Jeffry's personal blog, which occasionally delves into technical topics.
  • Sound Forge Scripts: I wrote some Sound Forge scripts to help convert long audio files to flac or mp3 format.

Jeffry is an Adobe Community Professional, an initial committer to Apache Flex, has spoken at user groups and conferences all over the US, is author of three technical books, and over 30 articles.

He'll be more than willing to consult on your next project with you, or offer one to one mentoring in AngularJS, Flex, ActionScript, ColdFusion, or mobile development. Drop Jeffry an email to discuss

In his spare time Jeffry is a musician, old school adventure game aficionado, recording engineer, and he owns a Wii.

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