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I wrote my first program (solo) for my Tandy TRS-80 at age four. It set the background color of the screen based on a menu choice. As a child I continued to design and develop games and other amusement for the Tandy TRS-80, then the Apple IIe, and then Windows and *ix machines. I have now worked with computers and changing technologies, methods, and best practice for thirty years.

I studied Computer Science at Indiana University, and went on to be a programmer and then a business analyst/manager. I am currently a consultant residing in a foreign country, where it is extremely difficult to get IT-related work as a 'wrong'-gendered foreigner. I am always seeking reduced-rate or pro bono development work in exchange for contacts and recommendations.

I have worked in both low-level languages (machine language and C) and high-level ones (Ruby/Rails, Visual Basic, Java, C#). I much prefer fourth-gen+ languages and rapid development.

My favorite version control system is Git. Before there was Git, I developed a custom version control system for an employer. The employer wanted to use timestamps instead of content to determine differences between files. As a result of that experience, I believe I have encountered every angle of the nightmare that is version-control-by-timestamp. Discovering Git several years ago changed my life (and my workload). I strongly recommend Git to every programmer.

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