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comment Initialize static atomic member variable
Thanks a lot Joachim! I've upvoted your answer but I'll accept Mike's as it is a bit more verbose. Hope you don't mind! ;)
comment Performance of Google's Go?
Very insightful answer. Thanks!
comment What is the use of __name__ == “__main__” in python?
See stackoverflow.com/a/419185/1355555
comment Angular.js watch localStorage
@MichaelBenford I've had a look at that module, but as far as I can see from the readme there is no option to actually watch localstorage.
comment Need widget button example to display a dialog box or Toast
You'll have to show a bit more effort than that. The answer can surely be found here on SO - digging for the answer (not just asking for it) is part of the fun. Enjoy!
comment Unable to paginate using Infinite Scroll and Flask
It seems to be working as intended for me, using your exact code. I checked in Chromium.
comment Inheritance in Flask / SqlAlchemy
I couldn't replicate your problem, but perhaps its worth looking into inheritance in sqlalchemy: docs.sqlalchemy.org/en/rel_0_8/orm/…
comment Mongoengine dereference error
I think this will work. I had similar issues when accessing data created under 0.7 using 0.8. Since I was in the development stage I could just delete all data and build from scratch, but I think re-setting the ReferenceFields like you propose in the example should work just fine.
comment Replicating Flask + MongoDB gets Internal Server Error
Indeed we need to see some code to figure it out. However, this error seems vaguely familiar to me too. The tutorial uses a sort of hack to include the parent directory in the system path, which is done in the manage.py file. Make sure that is set correctly.
comment Python Flask-WTF - use same form template for add and edit operations
You can use a jinja macro to render your form. See this gist - most of the code you'll see there isn't mine. The render function is just a very generic form renderer. Like Sean indicated, if you follow this route you'll need to pass the form instance to the template.
comment Why is flask url_for too slow
It indeed is quite slow. Slower than I expected at least. If it is critical for performance, I would indeed just use hardcoded strings to create the urls - can't imagine anything being faster than that. If you're truly interested, study github.com/mitsuhiko/flask/blob/master/flask/helpers.py#L184 and consider profiling it.
comment Can't figure this out, website is 'jumping'
Does it happen to have something to do with the scroll bar being attached to the side of the screen, when the content of the page is too long? The first group of pages does have a scroll bar on my screen, while the second doesn't. My screen size is 1920*1080
comment Flask - redirect url_for Error
I'm sorry to hear that. Are you sure it is the same error? I ask this because it works on my machine. It never hurts to move to simpler code when debugging. Since we aren't using id for the moment, try filling in a dummy value, such as 'test', so that it becomes return redirect(url_for('nextPage', id="test")), and check if the same error is thrown again.
comment Spine.js change event not firing
Your problem may have many causes, the most likely being that you haven't instantiated the controller.
comment Spine.js have updateAttributes include new attributes
I think you're right. For some reason it wasn't working as intended when I posted the question. Now I have a model instance with declared but undefined attributes, and the undefined attributes get defined once the server sends an ajax response - thus it is working the way you described it would. Thanks for your answer.
comment Model Inheritance
It still depends on your usecase. To what extent are the inheriting models related, and to what extent would they be different? Do you want to be able to perform queries on the base model, or just on the inheriting models separately?
comment Django-book tutorial models Chapter 5
Is the indentation correct? i.e. __unicode__ is correctly set as the Publisher's class method?
comment Quiz Template with “Username”
I'm afraid your description is not specific enough for people to be able to help you.
comment I don't know when to use reverse() in django.core.urlresolvers module
Usecase: A user submits a form. The form is processed; an object is created and added to your database. You want to respond by returning a detailed view of the created object. This can be done with return reverse(myDetailView, kwargs={'pk':self.object.pk}) for example.
comment Need better mechanism for hiding/unhiding controls in HTML page based on response of AJAX call
Indeed, if your page becomes unmanageable, it is time to pick a javascript MVC framework. The structure that it provides will benefit you greatly. VeXii mentioned a couple. Some additional options would be Angular.js, Javascript MVC and Spine.js