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I'm primarly a Ruby hacker but have played with everything from Commodore BASIC to Cocoa. I'd also like to explore Smalltalk, Go, Clojure, Scala, Haskell, OCaml, and maybe even C#.

I'm not currently a programmer by trade, but I'd like to get into it. I do write a lot of scripts to help me in my job.

My day-to-day personal computing setup is in Mac OS X, but I also use a Linux desktop as a backup server and for general tinkering; and I use Windows 7 at work.

I am also deeply interested (albeit at an amateur remove) in linguistics, especially historical. This dovetails with the fact that I am a conlanger -- someone who creates languages. (I'm not especially prolific at that, though.)

I also like science (especially cognitive science, evolution, and physics) and anthropology. My overarching interest in all these areas is the way something like a genome or language or computer language or culture changes over time and forks into unnumerable new ones.

comment Map Cmd+Shift+[ in Vim
Possible duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/26310077/…. Please see my answer there; although it hasn't been accepted as correct, I think it might help you.
comment Emacs adds 2;rgb:0000/0000/00 to beginning of buffer
What terminal emulator are you using? I'm guessing it's one of the few that support RGB color (not just a palette of 256), and it's sending some sort of reply to a request it thinks is coming from Emacs. Just a guess, though; I haven't used such terminals and don't know what their color code strings look like, or whether they respond like that.
comment How to add nuget restore to ZSH on a Mac?
Please include text like your kvm list output as text blocks, not links to offsite images. Offsite links in general are prone to change, and when an image is text anyway there's no overriding reason not to just paste the text in. Also prefer Markdown to HTML (e.g. hrefs) where possible. See stackoverflow.com/editing-help for help with Markdown.
comment If devkit has been installed, then how to uninstall?
Yes, that's safe.
comment Can we shorten scripts in /etc/sudoers?
Voted to close; not programming-related. (Vim has been explicitly approved as a SO topic, but this question is more about sudo than Vim.)
comment Why does Emacs leave a gap when trying to maximize the frame?
This doesn't work for me, on 10.9.5 (even when I repeat the toggle).
comment Symbolic link to my $TMPDIR. Will I break something? (path was too long for emacs)
You might want to set TMPDIR from within Emacs itself instead; that way, if anything breaks, it will be in Emacs. But this 4-year-old thread seems to suggest it's safe. I wouldn't keep using the tmp dir in /var/folders/whatever; it might change between logins.
comment Using vim with files that have extended attributes - how to avoid segfault error and preserve extended attributes?
I know Vim (in some configurations anyway) actually writes a new file and then deletes the original and renames the new one; I'm not sure if that preserves extended attributes.
comment JRuby source code for org.jruby.javasupport
Do you mean source code written in Ruby? It looks like it's actually written in Java only; see kares's answer.
comment Conflict in Ctrl+f
I assume you meant the both sent arrow right?
comment How do you set a key with both cmd and ctrl in Emacs.app?
Try putting C-s-268632070 into angle brackets (inside the quotes). I'm sure there's some nicer way than using that long number, which would make a better answer, but this works for me.
comment qt generate header file containing git hash at compile time and force rebuild using files
Use Git smudge/clean filters: git-scm.com/book/en/v2/…
comment How to make eclipse allow autohotkey shortcuts to work?
You should also be able to right-click the .ahk file and "Run As Administrator" without compiling.
comment Large file text editor for sorting and column inserts
Software recommendations are off-topic on StackOverflow. You might want to join softwarerecs.stackexchange.com and ask there.
comment Open vim from PHP like git
Your English was perfect.
comment Git CRLF LF EOL Conversion Setting
Ah! man gitattributes says that text=auto "ensures that all files that Git considers to be text will have normalized (LF) line endings in the repository".
comment Git CRLF LF EOL Conversion Setting
Oh, you're right. Well, just for grins, what happens if you change safecrlf to false or warn?
comment How to use help cmd in Vim to view .txt files?
Did you install it from the official Fedora repository? If so, I would reinstall it.
comment Vim select the ends of multiple lines (block mode, but where the ending column varies)
@Thanatos I haven't run across anything to achieve that. georgebrock's answer also has that problem (but if I correctly understand your comment on his, virtualedit is almost the way to achieve what you want).
comment How do I remove the dark blue that is used in tig in cygwin?
No; I believe you have to have Cygwin installed along with it if you want POSIX functionality.