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comment Inline CKEditor integration with knockoutjs
At least on CKEditor 4.4.7, I found that the 'change' event was the best to use in order to ensure that the knockout binding was updated in every case, rather than 'blur'. For example, if you copy/paste text into the CKEditor window and then immediately press a button to save the underlying observable. Just ran into this issue and the 'change' event caught the appropriate updates in each case.
comment Maven / Android: Call custom targets on child modules from parent project
This doesn't quite cover what we were looking for, as we still need a singleline Maven command, but it was helpful for our CI environment. This post provided another alternative:…. Thanks very much for your help.
comment Obfuscating an Android Library project / apklib
Manfred -- Thanks a lot. My Proguard configuration does indeed keep public methods exposed so that developers won't need to do any sort of madness like calling obfuscated methods. I'll look into whether Proguard is obfuscating into a secondary artifact -- that would be consistent with what I've seen, but I'm not sure how to re-incorporate the code back into an importable library.