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My name is Dan Hickman , Chief Technology Officer of ProModel Corporation. I’m a technologist, husband, father and soccer coach. I work out of the Ann Arbor office for the technology team at ProModel.

During the past 12 years, I have been involved in several ProModel divisions, including onsite support, consulting, product development, sales, support and training. In 2002, I was promoted to Director of New Products, with the responsibility of running development of new products at ProModel.

Prior to my role as Director of New Products, I founded CadreSoft Corporation in 1999. CadreSoft embedded ProModel technology which I feel innovated new approaches to solving capacity problems through discrete event simulation.

In 2007 I was named CTO, assuming full management responsibility for delivering on the company’s mission of enterprise decision modeling through predictive simulation solutions. I think a summary would be, I have a true passion for creating software that drives strategic decision-making. I grew up near Detroit, where my father worked at General Motors. I have a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Western Michigan University. I have an incredible family that I love spending time with.

Some other things about me you might find interesting. I have a lefty Simian Line. I collect pictures of people shoes they cut the grass with. See them in the Shed. My genealogy research suggests my surname is not Hickman. I am a soccer coach for my son’s Ninja team and my daughter’s Gator team.

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