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comment What is the common supertype of all instances of Kind in Type Theory
Could you give me a link to something explaining the "Type : Type" rule and give an example of where it is used in practice. Also, is there some way to prevent or identify programs that will cause an infinite loop? This could become a security issue in the application I have in mind since it would involve the execution of code written by 3rd parties.
comment How to use scala's singleton-object types to require that an object was created by one of its constructor parameters?
That "with Singleton" thing looks like the feature I was wishing for. It should allow a statement like class Item[A <: Accessor with Singleton](acc: A) to ensure that A is exactly the same type as acc.type and thus permit an Item to pass itself to its Accessor. Unfortunately, the compiler does not appear to recognise this logic and still thinks A >: acc.type.