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Hi, I'm Jeremy. Thanks for taking an interest in my profile. If I could share myself in a few words; I'm a proud father, and happy husband. I was married in October of 2008, I had my son in June of 2012. I'm college student in Denver, Co; my major is computer science.

I've recently taken a strong interest in the Php, but I'm also interested in database design, object-oriented design, web design, and game design. I aspire to be an artist as well as a programmer, So sometimes I will also dabble in Autodesk, and Adobe tools; I feel like I'm spreading myself thin at times.

In the past, I would lose myself in learning interfaces of various new software suites without stopping to learn the principles behind them first. This led me to chasing my tail, so to speak; I would always be learning the next big tool, and never gain a mastery before the next release of another big tool. So now I commit myself to mastering an old tool, no matter how much more productivity the new tool may entice me with.

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