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comment Google Analytics: adding onClick, but link already has onClick?
So add it before the return statement. Or even better add events unobtrusively.
comment getting info from xmlhttprequest
and how are you calling this?
comment How to insert content at cursor?
Does it make a difference if you use mousedown instead of click? [Don't have IE available at the moment to test myself]
comment How to use nested if else in Jquery Javascript
You want an "AND" not an "OR"
comment How to use nested if else in Jquery Javascript
if( c > b ) { is a string comparison.
comment what is the rel attribute and why is it used in this code?
comment Javascript Onload expected object error
Do yourself a favor and use semicolons.
comment Close DIV when parent's clicked, but not from it's children
Check the event target
comment Javascript script not executing on the newly prepended element with jquery
Because the event handler is only added to the originals. It does not magically hook up the new ones!
comment javascript inner function can't access global variable
Ajax is Asynchronous. Same question is asked 100 times a day. You read the value before it is set. It is like trying to eat a pizza before it is delivered to your house. Actually you are trying to eat the pizza before you ordered since you read it before send!
answered jQuery click function on an array of inputs
comment jQuery: change the image of an iFrame
It is impossible to do. You can not touch the content of another domain.
comment text properties input box for chosing a font
Is it possible? "Yes"! Create a select element with some fonts.
revised window scroll don't work properly
added 95 characters in body
answered window scroll don't work properly
comment Synchronize setting a variable which is outside javascript function
Welcome to the world of Asynchronous communication. What you want to do can not happen.
comment I need help in editing this code for a sticky section header
The position relative/top throws off the offset calculations.
comment I need help in editing this code for a sticky section header
@MikeC The OP added the br tags as filler so there are scrollbars.... It could have been paragraphs with ipsum.
comment Creating divs in AJAX loop
append() adds content so it surely can create new elements. If not, than all the scripts I been writing for 10 years would not be working.
comment Find if a div has an image class or not
Sad thing is that code would not throw the error message the OP is seeing so the problem is different. The OP has not given enough information to actually solve the problem.