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"If you give someone Fortran, he has Fortran. If you give someone Lisp, he has any language he please" -- Guy Steele

comment Load remote Lisp files
OK, thanks. Seem to me inconvenient in the light of modern completely integrated IDEs, which we have today. But it should work and I will try to setup rsync in conjunction with ssh.
comment Lisp as a meta environment
Thank you very much, indeed languages like C are somewhat uncooperative if it comes to the garbage collector. My demand targets against the causes why there are so less development efforts underway except for the mentioned little and outdated project cloak. I think LLVM would be a very interesting platform for such a language environment, based on Lisp of course. LLVM is much more low level, than JVM and so it should possible to generate bitcode by a Lisp generator.
comment Lisp as a meta environment
Why one like to run SCALA, Java and Ruby on one platform? Because one needs to integrate these languages for one project. There is no silver bullet, different languages addresses different problems. Moreover, we have trillion lines of code in any language. Why not to reuse them? Instead to reinvent the wheel every some years, it would be more senseful to integrate these programs, which has been partly achieved, but you have to play by the rules of one of the big VMs (Java and .NET).