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  • 1st OS: PCDOS 3.3
  • 1st Language: BASICA
  • Current Platform: Android
  • Current Platform: iOS (iPod / iPhone / iPad)
  • Current Platform: *NIX (Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris)
  • Current Language: Erlang
  • Current Language: C / C++
  • Current Language: Java
  • Current Language: Objective-C

  • Operating systems I use: PCDOS, MSDOS, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Red Hat Linux (Red Hat / Fedora / CentOS), Debian Linux (Debian / Ubuntu), Mac OS X, Solaris.

  • Computer languages I know: Erlang, Java, C (C89/C90, C99, C11, POSIX), C++ (C++98, C++11, C++14), C#, Objective-C, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL (Microsoft T-SQL, MySQL, Oracle PL/SQL), HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JS / JScript / JavaScript, sh, bash, ksh, sed, awk, BASICA / GWBASIC / QBASIC, Visual Basic, VBScript, VBA, VB .NET, ASP .NET. VRML, Lisp, Prolog, Eiffel

  • Natural languages I know: Cantonese, Putonghua / Mandarin, English, Japanese, Korean

I started programming at the age of 6 (in 1986). BASIC (BASICA / GWBASIC / QBASIC) was my primary language until 1996. I learnt Java by myself and took my first step into OOP in 1996. At around 2000, I learnt C and C++ at university and they became my primary languages. Since then, I gained my proficiency in both Java, C, C++ and MySQL. At around 2008, I was more into scripting languages like (the more classic) Perl and (the more elegant) Python and Ruby. Since few years ago, I found Objective-C interesting and learnt it. I'm into functional programming recently and find Erlang a great language!