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class Karma extends Bitch {
      // …

comment show leave record in each month
Well then add up the numbers while GROUPing BY the month …
comment Don't understand rewrite rule involving query string parameter
It doesn’t matter whether it is “easy” (for you) or not – without links in your HTML code that have the desired format it makes no sense trying to rewrite the requests reaching the server, because there is nothing to rewrite in that case.
answered Align paragraphs right to image (without wrapping)
comment Javascript: Using a string to acces objects property
obj.name and obj["name"] would be the same as obj[s], if s actually contained the string value name. If that “doesn’t work” for you, then your mistake is somewhere else. So show relevant parts of the actual problematic code please.
comment Unable to get Facebook Friends in PHP SDK
That should not be abused for any other purpose though.
comment Don't understand rewrite rule involving query string parameter
You are aware that using mod_rewrite does not change your HTML code, right? If you want the browser to request /company, then the first thing you have to do is change that in your link accordingly …
comment GLOB htmlentities() error
That can not be all of your code.
comment Retrieve Facebook ID using email address (not the other way around!)
You are not supposed to scrape their website. As an app developer, you are supposed to make do with what information their API gives you access to – and searching for a user by email is not available via API. (And username does not exists any more as a field in API 2.0 as well.)
comment Make nested child element full width of browser
Absolute positioning takes the nearest ancestor element with position relative as reference point – so no, this is not possible with the constellation you have here.
comment What is JavaScript `pass`
“What is pass?” – a method of the test objects that the example works on according to description. Those are not specific objects and methods here – they are simply used to provide a little context to have an example for continue that could be part o a real use case. Replace them with an object foo that has a method bar if you like …
comment Flexlider - Automatic sliding
Sure it is “possible”, but how exactly will depend on how he video is embedded. flexslider.woothemes.com has two examples for that already btw.
comment Owl Slider - Duplicate Controls Issue
“I tried changing the class names of buttons but they stopped working” – then you did it wrong, because that definitively works.
comment Div position fixed not working in Iframe
The element will get fixed in regard to the viewport that the iframe establishes only.
revised Not able to redirect to new IP
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revised EasyTabs if statement, “if (tab.is())”
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comment How to Hide certain Image Thumbnails from Facebook Share
Don’t know what you mean? The source code of your page contains six og:image meta elements.
comment Insert date difference value in mysql
Do you get any error message? And make a debug output of $sql using echo.
comment PHP How right parse xml?
That is not a well-formed XML document.
comment How can i find website visitor's location(only city) using javascript or PHP?
HTML5 Location API.
comment Configurator with image updates
Well the “an image for each combination” approach might need a lot of images (depending on the number of options and possible choices).