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comment which generic html5 root elements can i claim for css?
These caches probably overwrite some styles on the html and body elements, in order to display their own headers correctly. So any styles you put on elements inside body will probably not be affected at all. However, there is no way of styling “inside out” with CSS.
comment which generic html5 root elements can i claim for css?
Just my two cents: I wouldn’t even bother with that. All such caches have their limitations – I’ve seen anything from broken images to completely missing formatting. I’d assume these are rarely used by regular users anyway. And if I wanted to provide a “perfect” cached version of my own website (f.e. as a designer wanting to show previous versions of my portfolio), then I would provide those myself, and not rely on external services.
comment Include one HTML file in another HTML file using server side include with appache
Your index.html needs to have extension .shtml … because that’s the one you want to be parsed for such include directives.
comment What is causing this link to error saying “is not a valid virtual path”?
Sounds like you might be specifying a (relative) URL, where in fact a file system path is expected. (But with the code you have shown so far, nothing more specific can be said about your problem – apart from, as already mentioned, it has little to do with your JavaScript, as it is a server-side error from your .NET code.)
comment 7 fetch_assoc in a while fetch_assoc
You should be using one database query, and a loop to output the data …
comment Remove padding after opening accordion
“the padding that I've added to include the rounded corners gets attached to the inside of the accordion element” – no, it doesn’t. That extra black space above and below the dd element comes from the default margins of the p element inside it (keyword: collapsing/adjoining margins).
comment Chrome iFrame Block HTTPS redirect
“Viewing the request in the network traffic confirms that the browser is requesting https – the request is one part … the other is, what the server responds with. If it tries to redirect to an HTTP resource, then that would explain the error.
answered Facebook PHP SDK V4: two login buttons
comment AngularJS - Facebook Sharer
Research keyword: URL encoding.
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comment Unowned facebook pages are not supported
“Unfortunately the page is only showing to signed in users” – that is a pretty typical sign that the page is restricted in some way.
comment Unowned facebook pages are not supported
I can not see the page you mentioned on Facebook. Most likely it is not published, or restricted in some way. Go check the page settings.
comment Facebook rerequest and popups (javascript)
Whether or not that will be possible, depends on the popup blocker in the user’s browser. In most cases, default settings will likely block it. You should de-couple those steps – check if you have the needed permissions, and if not explain to the user why you need them, and ask for them again. After that, control returns to your site, and then you can have them click again to open your popup.
comment Can't request Facebook Login API permission “publish_actions” even for primary administrator
The message only tells you that you need to submit for review, before you can ask common users for the permission. Did you actually proceed to the second screen of the login dialog? Publishing permission is only asked for there.
comment How do you get the Twitter and Facebook icons in your apps
comment Graph API 2.3: <id>/Likes Requires Read_Stream?
That id looks like the combination of user id and post id. Try using only the last part of it after the underscore.
comment How can I have a div act as if it was on a different device with Bootstrap?
“Element Media Queries” is something that developers have been discussing for a while now – maybe you can take some inspiration from what others have already written on the matter,
answered og:image not working, except when I try with “Open Graph Object Debugger”
comment how to extend the expiry time of user acess token
Also, duplicate of your own previous question about the same issue,…