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comment How to zip latest created file in unix
yes, thats what I did, but instead of doing it in , I had to do it in .sql file which generates those files. Fron .sql I temporarily stored those names of required files in one particular temporary file. Then from, I read that temp file and zipped the respective files. It worked :)
comment How to zip latest created file in unix
Now when cron job( is executed at time 26/4/2012 6 am to 26/4/2012 2 PM, 1 file get created at 6:30 am, another at 9 am and so on. So if you see in case I Zip through this code, I will eventually zip some of the files created through, which I don't need. I see only this option now, that when sql procedure is running and creating files, at that time I write those names in some temp file and then through unix, I read that file and zip only those particular files. If you see any other option that without changing .sql file, this can be achieved by unix script too, please let me know
comment How to zip latest created file in unix
Thanks everyone. Actually the files are created by a sql procedure which is called by two scripts and, one rum manually and another one through cron job. Name of files contain year, month and some particular name. These things are generated dynamically in sql procedure. I missed one test case above. I think through this code I won't be able to zip right files, because lets suppose manual script( creates 4 files in time duration 26/4/2012 4 am to 26/4/2012 10 am, 1 file at 4:30, another at 6, another at 8 and last one at 10
asked How to zip latest created file in unix
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