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I started learning Basic in middle school. I used it to program TI-86 and TI-89T calculators. In high school I truly learned my first language that wasn't just procedural -- Java. I tutored students the Comp.Sci and AP Comp.Sci and I and all the people I tutored received 5's.I continued tutoring others in Java and C++ in College and was the person the teacher asked questions to when he/she didn't know the answers.

Since College, I have tried C, C#, AS3 and eventually stumbled onto PHP when trying to get information into a flash file. Ever since I purchased a small server and started coding away. Through it I have delved into MySQL, SQLite, XML, and, due to a recommendation of a good friend, finally MongoDB.

I now have 2 AWS EC2 Servers, Hosting and MongoDB, and program primarily in PHP with the help of CodeIgniter. I find this combination fulfilling and productive.

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