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I am a Spanish web developer, nurse and musician.

I am semi-self-taught in HTML, CSS and Javascript. My specialty are painful HTML mailings, and Mootools development.

I also have graduated in Nursery in my country, Spain, in the UDC (Universidade de A Coruña), before I got interested in web programming.

I have been playing guitar since I was 15-16 years old.

comment Full-length menu on left, two content panes on right: DIV-and-CSS-only approach?
You're right, just specifying the height for html or body was enough. Better your way, saves needless divs. Cheers!
comment Targetting first element in css <element> + <element>
Yes, but what the poster is looking for is how to select the <div>. In my answer I just copied the example from the w3cschools link, but I'll edit it for clarity since you mention it. Cheers.
comment How do I change image A when hovering over image B without JavaScript only CSS
Riiight, missed that one. Anyway it is simple: the selector changes to .myImage:hover myOtherImage{background-image: url(newimage.jpg);}