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comment Persisting class gives null-value on ID
It does, but the thing that I can't test, as I don't have a development environment is, that does EntityManager handle the entity classes as mutable classes, i.e. is the id set in the actual object passed to create, or is is set in the object returned by the merge method call. Looking at the EntityManager API reference, it appears that the latter is the case, thus you should return the persisted object (the User) as it is returned from the merge method call.
comment Persisting class gives null-value on ID
Yes you do, but your generated ids get lost as create() method doesn't return the persisted state of your User objects. I included the last three lines of code just to illustrate, that you need to change the initUsers() method as well. Sorry if this was a tad unclear. This is assuming that EntityManager handles the objects in a mutable way. As I said, this is just a guess and it is higly possible that axtavt's answer solves the issue.