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I'm a freelance Oracle practitioner, specializing in database design and development.

I studied history at university but didn't want to stay in academia. After my finals I read "Neuromancer" by William Gibson and decided to try computing. Those were the days when a history graduate with no relevant experience could get a job in IT. Luckily, I had an aptitude. At school, one teacher had repeatedly told my class that history was a training in the gathering, analysis and presentation of data; we scoffed but he was right. Also I enjoyed programming COBOL. It was like being paid to solve crossword puzzles all day.

Since 1992 I have worked on Oracle database systems, both OLTP and DWH. Over that time I have worked as a data modeller, designer, developer and DBA. I have also undertaken assignments as a business analyst and a technical architect. If pushed, I would have to say I'm happiest writing PL/SQL programs. I am least happy when attempting to marry a normalised data model to the needs of an ORM tool.

I was made an Oracle ACE programme in 2003 . In the same year I won the Oracle Magazine OTN Contributor of the Year award.

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