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comment Determine if DataColumn is date only
Thank you. I know how to get information about table schema separately - I just would like to avoid additional querying. As for "why strange". Because we already get this information while executing our query. It would be great to have something like "OriginalColumnType" property in DataColumn class which would hold an original type name for this column simply as a string. It would help me a lot.
comment Determine if DataColumn is date only
And: yes we know about a possibility to use GetSchemaTable() or Connection.GetSchema() to get information about each column. I just wonder if there is any way to get this info just from a DataColumn object without an additional SQL requests (which all those methods will make in result). It seems it's impossible, unfortunately. Which is quite strange I must say.
comment Determine if DataColumn is date only
Of course we know that there are no such types as Date or Time in .NET. But these types are supported by the most of databases - so it will be great to know the original database type of this column having just an instance of DataColumn.
comment Determine if DataColumn is date only
It something like the following: DataSet dataSet = new DataSet(); OleDbConnection conn = new OleDbConnection(); conn.ConnectionString = connectionString; conn.Open(); OleDbCommand command = new OleDbCommand(sql, conn); OleDbDataAdapter dbAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter(command); dbAdapter.Fill(dataSet);
comment How to construct complex Google Web Search query?
It's not a mistake. Simply all conditions are connected by AND by default. So you asked to find all documents with file type EPS AND PDF which is obviously impossible. If you need to connect them by OR - change the type of linking at the root condition group from "all" to "any".
comment Exception Details screen in Windows Azure production
Thank you for reply. However custom errors are not turned on in any of Web.config file in my app. BTW which of the config file should I modify? I have three: Web.Debug.config and Web.Release.config in the root project folder and one more Web.config in the Views subfolder.
comment Guidance Required on building a query builder
Yes, you are right. We are just happy users of that product. I don't have any benefits from such kind of posts if you are hinting at it.