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comment Border width showing differently for different cells in Firefox
I am having the same problem with firefox 1px borders. Depending on the selected zoom level some lines are shown thicker than others. On changing the zoom level sometimes different lines are shown thicker, at other levels all are even. The same code in IE always produces even sized lines at any zoom level. So I conclude it seems to be a bug in Firefox. Only I wonder why this bug is still there, the effect has annoyed me for quite long now.
comment Initialising with “undef” for self-documenting code?
True. I was thinking about a reminder for myself. For other readers a comment is clearer.
comment Initialising with “undef” for self-documenting code?
I added the comments only here, in the example.
comment perl: Exporter doesn't work with path elements in the `use` statement
Thank you for the quick reply. But I do not understand why I didn't have this problem before. I have so many modules, e. g. 'FotoArchive.pm' in lib/Foto, with the package name FotoArchive and Foto not in the @INC path. Why does that not cause the same problems when I invoke them via Foto::FotoArchive? -- Ah, I begin to see, because they don't export anything. So I got away with my mistake unnoticed for so long! Thank you!