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Web Software Architect and Developer, Occasional Entrepreneur based in Melbourne, Australia, with an obsession for creating elegant, beautiful software.

I am a Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and Agile methods specialist, with a polyglot background and years of experience spent in the trenches as an enterprise java developer and educator.

I have expert skills in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and a myriad of associated web technologies. I am a recent convert to Clojure, which I adore. I drink deep of the JVM. I have slightly rusty skills in PHP and prefer not to use them. Plus experience with ColdFusion, VB, C, C#, Erlang, Groovy, Python, VBScript, Lingo, ActionScript and ... others I have probably forgotten in my long and occasionally illustrious career.

I have worked across the software development lifecycle and with a number of methodologies including XP, Scrum and RUP.

My hobbies include playing the drums (I have a Roland TD-12), cutting code and pondering the nature of existence.

Available for freelance projects and consultation for select customers.

Check out StoryWall - simple, elegant, and minimalist tracking inspired by kanban.

On Twitter: @tobyhede

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