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comment sqlalchemy, turning a list of IDs to a list of objects
Be wary that if seq gets long enough, you may get a 'too many SQL variables' exception because the IN clause is parameterised and there are too many parameters.
comment str.format(list) with negative index doesn't work in Python
The relevant bug in Python's bugbase - In short, the issue is being treated as a documentation bug because of the side-effects of implementing this and also the fact that it may lead to bad code.
comment Automatic javascript type coercion
'n = Number(9);' in the first code block should be 'n = new Number(9);'. Otherwise you're just calling the Number function to convert the parameter into a number primitive, which it already is. Therefore the two lines following it will be the same as the two lines before it.
comment Chaining multiple filter() in Django, is this a bug?
I believe you have it the wrong way around in the first paragraph - filter(A, B) is the AND situation ('lennon' AND 2008 in the docs), while filter(A).filter(B) is the OR situation ('lennon' OR 2008). This makes sense when you look at the queries generated in the question - the .filter(A).filter(B) case creates the joins twice, resulting in an OR.
comment Is there a downside to using “.filter().filter().filter()…” in Django?
This is not correct for multi-valued relationships. They will generate different queries with different results given the right conditions. See this answer and the linked documentation -
comment Using sqlite prepared statements with SELECT
This is technically just a 'parameterized statement', not a 'prepared statement'. A 'prepared statement' is usually a 'parameterized statement' (unless it has no parameters) but a handle to an instance of the parsed statement is kept and reused, instead of the SQL text being passed each time. AFAIK, prepared statements are unsupported by Python's SQLite module.
comment How can I use d3 classed selection to have name as function
For the record, here is a relevant pull request to implement this using classed, and the reason it was rejected -
comment AngularJS - Detecting, stalling, and cancelling route changes
@FelikZ FYI, the relevant Angular issue to watch is
comment Where is the Postgresql config file: 'postgresql.conf' on Windows?
For PostgreSQL 9.2 and probably the earlier versions in the 9.x series, it is located at the much more appropriate location of C:\ProgramData\PostgreSQL\9.2\data\postgresql.conf (at least with Windows 7 anyway).
comment Adding dictionaries together, Python
I'd love to know why Python doesn't allow this. It seems logical to me that it would perform a non-commutative operation that results in a new dict instance. But I'm probably missing something obvious...
comment Pycharm 2.7: Internal HTTP server disabled
The default port seems to be 63342, so check if you're running something else that might be using that port (use the netstat command if you're on Windows or Linux).
comment Find the selected option using BeautifulSoup
This doesn't work unless you have either lxml or html5lib installed. BeautifulSoup preferences those parsers before falling back on the built-in. The reason why it works for those parsers, is that they fill in the unspecified attribute value with an empty string - see Blender's example above where the find_all response has the selected attribute as 'selected=""' instead of just 'selected' as in the input HTML. With the built-in parser, the attribute value is left as None which is excluded from matching (…).
comment How to perform custom build steps in
comment Django: {{ request.user }} doesn't show anything in template
You'll also have to restart your web server if you haven't already. Otherwise, that should be it. You don't have any other context variables named 'request' do you? I recommend using the ./ runserver web server which will expose any exceptions (alternatively, set DEBUG = True in and also installing the Django Debug Toolbar ( which, among other things, will list the context processors used as well as all the template context variables when in DEBUG mode. Hopefully they'll help you track down the source of the problem.
comment JSON datetime between Python and JavaScript
The answer seems to have an error in it - in the last line where the TypeError is raised, the string substitution part (type(Obj), repr(Obj)) refers to something named Obj, whereas it should be obj (note capitalisation).
comment mapping a postgres array with hibernate
In case anyone else was wondering what that last link is about (it's now a 404), the wayback machine link is here -…
comment Flash AS2 - Handle Missing Sound Card
This answer doesn't work because System.capabilities.hasAudio is always true for desktop players - System.capabilities reports the capabilities of the player, not the system. See…
comment Interface naming in Java
Besides .NET, Adobe Flash/Flex also uses the IFoo naming convention.
comment - Why call it twice?
Oops, I stand corrected. You removed one of the calls to writeFloat before upping the number of samples to 16384. My previous comment should've said "between 2048 and 8192 sample pairs". So you didn't exceed the allowed length.
comment - Why call it twice?
Also worth noting that the SampleData API only allows between 2048 and 8192 samples for continued playback (…). Less than 2048 is allowed, but playback will be stopped after that set has been played. Anything more than 8192 is likely to result in undefined behaviour.