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comment Toy shell not piping correctly
Updated with the two-pipe system in place. I'm going to try your suggestion as well on the next iteration.
comment Toy shell not piping correctly
Your code is working on my system as well! I'm comparing yours to my own two-pipe variant to see if I can figure out what the major difference is and why yours works but mine doesn't. Looks like it may be the wait() statements, the nesting, or that I wasn't closing pipes that weren't in use. Either way, immensely grateful; I should be able to figure this out within an hour and finally my brain might let me sleep.
comment Toy shell not piping correctly
Oops, sorry, should've specified. It's not piping, basically. I can see what's going on using another shell, and all four processes spawn correctly, and if I don't try to pipe I can even get them to perform their commands correctly. But put the piping code in, and they seem to not want to talk to each other. n.m. - actually, children are waiting on their children. Parent makes child makes grandchild make great-grandchild, each prior generation waiting on its next generation. That part, I'm fairly certain I got right.
comment Visual Studio 2012 C++ Compiled Program isn't loading files
kfsone's solution worked for me! Thanks everybody.
comment What happens when I use a plain setf statement in LISP?
Thanks! Your answer was really helpful. Using your answer coupled with some testing in the REPL finally helped me fully understand the behaviour that would occur with my original statement. And now I also know the difference between a special and non-special variable.