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I began programming as an Electrical Engineer in the microelectronics industry more than 30 years ago.

I have always used very specialised automatic test equipment, which gives me an unusual perspective on how to solve software problems (usually by myself without recourse to libraries and frameworks). This is definitely not mainstream, but I don't create commercial software: my user-base is my fellow employees.

My contributions to SO probably seem other-worldly, but the programming environments I've used have never been Windows-based and only vaguely Unix-like.

HOWEVER — In late February 2010, I was admitted to hospital with a suspected stroke. Tests showed it wasn't a stroke, it is Multiple Sclerosis. Thus begins an inevitable slide into disability.

While I'm now back at work, hopefully for a few more years, I think the effort of engaging in SO (after a lull of over 12 months) might be too much for me. Besides, I can't type as fast as I used to.

My neurologist made the disturbing comment that I may have lost some mental faculties and be unaware of it, so my presence on SE websites will serve to test whether my brain still works.

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