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I am a Database Administrator at Church Mutual Insurance Company (http://www.churchmutual.com). In my past life I was a Development Engineer and worked with Java technologies, integration development, application architecture, and enterprise architecture. Now I get to play with DB2 all day and also get to be involved in the evolving BI tools that we are getting in place.

For hobbies, I enjoy walking, reading fiction (especially Ted Dekker, Bryan Davis, and other good science fiction and fantasy), some video games, and table top gaming (Warhammer 40K, StarCraft:The Board Game, and The Settlers of Catan are some of my favorites). I enjoy the Redemption TCG and the Star Wars LCG. And I love spending time with my wife and kids!

Find me on Linked In.

Also, check out the DB2NightShow. It's awesome!

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