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comment Data structures for memory manager
May I ask why is it better than the OS provided allocation scheme? Seems like an awfull waste of memory to pre-allocate chunks of memory you don't know if they will be used at all...
comment How to read a file with mixed binary and ASCII data using C++
Of course, that's why I pointed out that when dealing with a binary file, you need to know how it is structured so you can create a structure that corresponds to the file format. This is the case of an audio wav file for example, and there too you have a mixture of binary and ASCII data on the header
comment What is the purpose of the “out” keyword in this “if” branch (used in OAuth “Starter Site” template for WebMatrix)?
You need to declare the variable you are sending (by reference) in both cases. The difference is that with out keyword, the variable can be uninitialized, meaning that you don't care the initial value in it before you pass it to the function
comment Memory allocation for Structure having an array in C
data segment. See my edited response above