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comment entityForName:nill Issue
Perhaps I misunderstood, but I figured that if the OP knew how to set a symbolic breakpoint and debug the issue, he or she would have done so already. I'm not suggesting this is the One True Way to do it; I'm suggesting that this is a bodge that will get the OP past the issue. We all have to write a bunch of bad code before we can write good code; this is a piece of bad code that will let him or her move on to the next challenge.
comment How do I run Eclipse using Oracle's new 1.7 JDK for the Mac?
I just fought through this and posted the details [in another question][1]. [1]: stackoverflow.com/a/19965368/1550030
comment NSManagedObjectContext save appearing to lose objects
Hmmm, have you tried using the debugger to inspect the NSArray coming back from your fetch? You can use the left-hand pane of the debugger to expand the contents of the array and see how many objects are in it... or right-click it and print the contents. I'd probably cut out the iCloud code just to simplify the problem, then try banging a few rows into Core Data on the simulator and retrieving them from there.