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  <birth>July 5th, 1972/birth>
  <software-engineer category="Java">
    <certificate year="2009">SCJP</Certificate>
    <certificate year="2011">ISTQB</Certificate>
    <language>JavaEE 6</language>
    <application>Eclipse IDE</application>
    <framework>Eclipse RCP</framework>
  <software-engineer category="Web">
    <HTML css="yes" javascript="yes" />
    <XML xslt="yes" />
    <family wife="1" children=2">
      <wife />
      <child birth="March 27th, 2006" />
      <child birth="Juli 1st, 2010" />
      <book>A Song Of Ice and Fire</book>
      <book>Monster Blood Tattoo</book>
      <musician>VNV Nation</musician>
    <project name="Gothic">
      <category>Computer Game</category>
      <subcategory>Role Playing Game</subcategory>

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