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My name is Raphael Cruzeiro and I am a software developer currently living in São Paulo, Brazil. I am a generalist programmer, working from web development to iOS programming and desktop applications. I also consider myself to have an eye for interface design and product usability. On my projects I usually work end-to-end, from the conception to the implementation to the deployment, delivering a complete product. Well versed on a myriad of technologies and concepts I have worked on some amazing projects over the years and I'm always looking for a new challenge. Being fascinated by computers and the internet and by how the internet has changed our life and what can be achieved using it as a medium, I have taught myself how to program and how to create things since I was a child. Today I try to be an active member of the software community and I also write a blog on software development. When I'm not working nor am I engaged in some weird personal project I try to enjoy life as it is the most precious possession I have.

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