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A deaf webapp specialist, lived on CuraƧao, currently working for Kizitos, creating ZEEF, and maintaining JSF utility library OmniFaces.

Want to get started with JSF the right way? Here's a categorized overview of handpicked answers on the subject JSF.

I'm not that active here anymore as I'd like to be. I'll answer (clear!) OmniFaces-related questions though and likely also an interesting (and clear!) JSF-related question with a moderate bounty. Yes, for that YOU need to earn reputation first. You deserve what you give.

But remember: if the question in question needs severe editing, or got a bad (suggested) edit, I am not going to fix and answer it anymore. Both Stack Exchange as company and Stack Overflow as community namely doesn't seem to bother about the quality of the posts anymore lately. I was mentally absent for a couple of months and came back in JSF tag only to find a huge mess of low quality questions with a doubled up unanswered rate. "You deserve what you give" also applies to the company and community here.

If you want to give yourself (and Stack Overflow) a chance, here are some hints:

Things which really scare me are:

  • Bad titles (don't use tags and subjective-/argumentativeness in titles)
  • Irrelevant tags (is it a Java or JSF or JPA or CSS or JS problem?)
  • Disrespectful punctuation and spelling (I don't care about grammar tho)
  • Formatting non-code as code ("JSF" and "PrimeFaces" are NOT code)
  • Irrelevant code in snippets (is that style attribute absolutely relevant?)
  • Unreadable code (use English variable names and love indentation)

Note: I have a full time job as co-founder and main frontend developer and therefore I am not available for off-site consultancy, so please don't try to contact me directly about that as well. Everything will end up as junk. Just use Stack Overflow the way it deserves and you'll eventually deserve it.

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