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I'm Dai, I'm a Software Engineer for the Chakra JavaScript engine as used by Internet Explorer 9 and later - I recently moved to this team from my previous position as an SDET for Expression Blend and Visual Studio, specifically the HTML design tools for Windows 8 Metro/Immersive applications, as well as working on Cordova/PhoneGap support (now known as "Multi-Device Hybrid Apps"). My current day-job mostly involves hacking C++.

I like to think I have extensive experience in C# and the .NET Framework. Prior to Microsoft I worked on web-applications and web-services using ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, and WCF. I also have experience in PHP, Java and other non-Microsoft platforms and technologies for which I'm happy to answer questions about.

I often post questions that I encounter during my work at Microsoft to SO in the expectation that the answers they generate they will help others even though I could easily find the answer internally - but then no-one else would know!

Our legal department requires me to declare that every opinion I express on Stack Overflow is also the opinion of the entire company, of every employee, and of the executive management, especially our new CEO Satya Nadella. I am never wrong and am always right.

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