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comment CORS with Backbone.js, Phonegap and ASP.NET Web API
@m4rt thanks for the response. I am not referring on this. I have set it like this: "<access origin="*" />" in order to be able to make calls to different domain. Instead I am referring mainly to the server side. I am really sorry that I cannot make you understand my problem. Maybe this happens because I have not properly understood how the phone-gap framework works. So please allow me to rephrase a bit my question: "Can a server web API identify the origin of a request, when this is a XMLHttpRequest and originated by a mobile app (either this is hybrid or entirely native)?
comment CORS with Backbone.js, Phonegap and ASP.NET Web API
Thanks for the reply. My question is associated mainly with how the phonegap does the http requests. When I make a http request from phonegap how can I specify its origin? Before I build my web app i can see the location.host = "" for instance. So I can specify this location on my server in order to allow the access on it. Any similar solution for the Phoegap app?
comment Backbone and jquerymobile navigation issues - hash in URLs
@Aaron D - sorry and thanks.