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comment Issues installing Karma with NPM
This solution worked well for us! We didn't like the idea of turning off strict-ssl. Also, we found that we needed to use set ca before having npm update itself. After that, karma and others installed correctly.
comment Entity Framework 5 Multiple identity columns specified for table. Only one identity column per table is allowed
One might think that DropPrimaryKey would be sufficient. When reordering the code, ensure both DropPrimaryKey & DropColumn occur prior to AddColumn with ColumnBuilder type method which includes identity: true.
comment Sortable Accordian - how to minimize its width?
Based on your original question, you'll want to set the width attribute. If the app needs to make the element wider or narrower depending on the content, use javascript or jQuery to set the width dynamically.
comment Windows Azure Access Control & WPF?
Check out this question, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7640529/how-to-develop-user-authenticated-re‌​st-service-with-azure-acs The answer links to a MSDN sample for Windows Phone. Although it is targeted for Silverlight, the principles apply to WPF as well. You may also find the explanation / diagrams of http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh446531.aspx helpful.