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comment Update mysql database fields with array php
Hmmm... chances are that it may be related to the query itself. Have you tried it on an SQL editor/executor? The thing to consider is, whether lab_item_id is a string or a number. In case it is a number, then there shouldn't be a pair of single quotes enclosing it. On the other hand, if it is a string, you may also want to use trim just as how you treat the test_result.
comment Within PHP, how can I make sure a directory as public read access from the web?
you are right, sorry for that. How about using a php function "file_get_contents('the url here')". When it returns false, it means the specified file in the url cannot be accessed. There is also another alternative using a PHP function "copy('url source','url destination')". However, the use of this "copy" function requires us to specify a destination file (could be just a dummy file). I updated the example above. All the best :))
comment Triple Combobox button Assistance needed
oooh... that's unfortunate. I tried it and it worked on IE, Firefox and Chrome. If you still want to try, I uploaded the complete working source on: <br/> <a href="swinphp.herokuapp.com">swinphp.herokuapp.com</a> <br/> You can open the web page and view the source.
comment Triple Combobox button Assistance needed
Sorry for that, I finally found that parent.location is the thing that cause the redirection, so I put the alternative for your previous code on to my previous comment above. ( I can't format the code properly here in the comment section, so please see above ) Cheers... :))