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"Pé de Leão" is Portuguese for "lion's foot." It's pronounced (more or less): Peh ghee Leh-AWNG, where the final "NG" is a nasal sound similar to the final "ng" in "sing."

A Brazilian friend of mine thought that my choice for a business name was a little strange, because lions don't have feet (pés), rather they have paws (patas).

However, I want to stick with it, because there are many Brazilian words and expressions that start with "pé." For example, many plants and trees are named in that way, such as "pé de laranja," which means "orange tree." The word "pé de leão" is itself also the name of a plant with round leaves that somewhat resemble lion's paws.

Besides plants, there is also "pe de moleque", which is a bittersweet pastry; "pé de alferes", which is dating; "pé de cabra", which is a crowbar; "pé de ouvido", which is a slap upside the head, etc. The list goes on and on!

I want to be a part of the "pé crowd."

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