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Hello everybody and feel welcome to my profile.

My name isn't really Colin O'Coal, but it's a pseudonym which I'm posting and working in several computer and science fields, community groups and projects in the web.

I'm a german software architect and consultant working in different branches (financing, insurance, manufacture, telecommunication, maintenance, government offices and so on), primary in the enterprise segment. But sometimes also for small and medium business clients.

My major and preferred technologies/programming languages are:

  • Python
  • Java
  • .NET/C#

But I'm also at home with dozen of other languages (PHP, Lua, Perl, C, C++, ...) and techologies (DBMS, Mobile Devices, Server-Client, ModelDrivenDevelopment, AgileDevelopmentMethodologies, ...).

So if you have question -> you're welcome everytime and just feel free to ask :-).


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